Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Good news! The flow in your love life is improving and, above all, you’re enjoying enriching dialogues where laughter will be present every 5 minutes. You’ll behave like a clown just to make your other half laugh a bit!

If you’re single, feel free to make your own love choices, the key is to feel comfortable and share your points of view constantly. Don’t create a character, show yourself just the way you are, at all times. Authenticity is the only way to achieve romantic success.

You’ll feel like you’ve been chosen by the gods and, if you dream of finding your soulmate, don’t lose yourself in ridiculous tribulations. You need to change direction, enjoy the beauty of the present and let go of the past!

In certain relationships making decisions is important, but don’t be impulsive, think long and hard about what decisions you’re going to make (and therefore, what options you’re going to dismiss).

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You’ll have to take on a role that you’re not comfortable in, full of responsibility. Whatever you choose will be key in ensuring your short-term financial wellbeing.

Many will have to crunch numbers because money is closely related to matters of the heart, for example, moving in together, having a child or just planning a holiday together.

Time to reflect is important, as you well know, and if need be, step aside and let things unfold on their own (even though this isn’t a very courageous choice).


To control your anxiety you could try some emotional freedom techniques, they’re great to channel any bad feelings tormenting your soul. There’s so much wisdom in ancestral oriental medicine, and it’s still very relevant!

You’re ready to face sporting competitions, you’ll have great reflexes and you’ll have overcome your fear of heights. The best choices for you, Scorpio, will be those where there’s a ball involved.

Manage your energy to stick to the health plan you’ve set for yourself. Sweating will allow you to eliminate toxins, and release tension and anxiety.