Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Wanting to control your partner all the time is damaging your love. Why do you do it, Scorpio?

You might have felt insecure when you were a child, or your parent probably didn't support you as much as you needed. And you expect your partner to fulfill all your expectations, and that is a huge mistake!

Today the planets bring you harsh learning, but you must accept that everyone is free to do what they want and that they are next to you because they like it.

Your partner loves you. Accept all that love your partner has for you and forget about everything that has made you doubt about their feelings. Your strength right now will be to be vulnerable. 

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There are opposite tendencies inside you right now. On the one hand, you want to dominate and work hard all the way to the top, but you also lose the improvised life, letting yourself be carried away by the nightlife...

In this life, there is no one entirely focused on one path. And if there is someone that is, they are missing loads of things! 

That's why it's your duty as the advanced Scorpio that you are, to coordinate these two facets. Recognize that you cannot live happily one without the other. Accept that you need to give way to your wandering spirit, but also work hard for your dreams.

Don't mutilate yourself emotionally as everybody does... dedicate some time to both facets. Find the balance between the graces that have been offered to you.


Stop pretending that you know everything, go to the doctor. This time of psychic uncertainty forces you in some way to look for information, even if you have to resort to the hands of a professional.

You have to try to avoid torturing yourself because you ignored the symptoms. If you had started treatment before, things would be different for you. But you must accept that is not possible now and that the only scope for action is the present. 

Dedicate yourself to taking care of the most sensual part of your body. Eat well, dress in nice clothes and enjoy your sense of smell using a good perfume. Little by little you'll get back on your feet, Scorpio.