Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 20

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Getting to know someone new and immediately exchanging complicity glances, isn't just something that happens every day. You'll feel your hair stand on end... Those feelings that derivate from the flirting between two people are incredible!

What are you rationing for? You don't know when you'll see each other again. It's unlikely for the union to go any further, partly because of the erratic nature of Uranus. However, you can share one of the shortest but most intense love stories of your life.

Prolonging the encounter beyond the magical moment will leave you with the feeling of having woken up from a beautiful dream to find an unattractive reality.

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Jupiter together with a willing Mars make you want to move forward, to succeed in everything you aim for and be sure that you will. Let yourself be guided by that sudden inspiration that will emerge in you.

Don't be too nosy at work; it's the negative side of the Jupiterian expansion in contact with the planet Mars.

You'll have more free time these days, and if you take advantage of it, you'll be able to recover and achieve even higher rates of return in the days to come.

Everything you do will receive Jupiter's blessing. However, do your bit when organizing next week from now and organizing your pending issues, in general. 

Everything related to the world of electronics and new technology will bring great results if you use new advances in your daily life. 


A perfect first-aid kit is one that we can use to cover basic needs, one that everyone can use, and that doesn't take much space and is well organized. 

The first-aid kit you have at home should include material and medication to heal a wound or to treat mild health problems. It should be placed in a dry, fresh place, in low light and somewhere children can't reach. It should be adapted to the needs of each person that lives in the house.

Maintaining order is essential to keep you and your loved ones healthy.