Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 20

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That you find something funny doesn’t necessarily mean your partner will too, Scorpio; in your love story there’ll be two extremes when it comes to sense of humor, and if you act too much like a clown, your other half might take offense.

Especially if your jokes are aimed at their body, personality or any matters they’re self-conscious of. You’ve been warned, so hold your tongue!

If you’re single, the astral influence will be quite stalled, and if you want something to move you’ll have to do it yourself. Nothing will happen on its own, so get cracking.

At least, you will receive good news in your family, potentially related to the health of a loved one, who’s overcoming an illness, or who has been discharged from the hospital where they were being treated.

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NEW AND FOR FREE: Receive your Scorpio Horoscope on your phone. Click here!


You shouldn’t have any particular financial difficulties right now. Don’t expect a surprise increase in your income, or to become rich through betting, bookies or casinos.

But, hey, if you’ve already bought a lottery ticket, you should still if you’ve won. Just in case, but you should be grateful to the heavens if you at least get back the money you spent on it!

If your current salary is too low, you’ll have to wait a bit to talk to your supervisors to request a reasonable increase. You have many qualities, so how many extra zeros do you reck would equate a fair pay?


Mercury’s bad aspects will make you more naive and vulnerable than ever, and for this reason, you might do things that go against your health if you pay attention to people who have no idea what they’re talking about, even if they pretend they do.

They might trick you in good faith, believing it’s in your best interest, or in bad faith, asking for money in exchange for their advice.

Either way, if you’re having health issues steer clear of quacks or esoteric healers, and make an appointment with a specialist physician: no one will know more than them, okay? Especially if it’s a serious issue. From now on, no more charlatans.