Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Are you single and trying to find a partner? Hoping Cupid shoots an arrow at you so you can find your soulmate? Then there’s good news for you, Scorpio!

The Magic Horoscope will promote what will look like casual encounters with someone you already know, but with whom you haven’t interacted much. It could be a friend of a friend, or an old colleague.

The flame of love could ignite between you, but you’ll have to give it your everything if you want things to go well.

If you’re in a relationship, there’ll be harmony but also some bitterness, there’ll be comments said in a joking manner, which in truth speak of the cohabitation or chemistry problems you have.

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You need to shake off the feeling that someone is looking at you sideways at work, that they’ve given you the evil eye, because it’s not true, it’s just you being paranoid.

You’re lucky, Scorpio, because the Magic Horoscope will make this beginning of the week flow in a positive way for you, and above all, it’ll make you proud of your ability to handle conflict, of how skilful and tolerant you are.

Do you have an upcoming appointment at a bank, perhaps with the director? Put your documents in order, Scorpio, so if you get audited (or request a subsidy) everything is in order. It can never hurt to be one step ahead of events!


The cold will make you lose your focus, the cold will freeze you to the core, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. And you know the saying, you can’t think straight with cold feet!

This lack of mental balance caused by the weather will make time go slowly for you, as if your life’s clock needed new batteries. Hopefully it won’t be too bad!

Take better care of your auditive health, and remember to keep the volume down if you wear headphones on a daily basis.