Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today the Magic Horoscope stars invite you to be mindful of your other half’s feelings. Work on achieving mutual respect, especially if there have been raised voices. Peace can reign over your home and give you wings.

If you’re single, don’t expect great love declarations. The daily prediction shows ease to show affection, but not through words.

Don’t hurt the pride of your friends, people might be more sensitive than usual and you might do more harm than good than you think with your assessments and advice. That thing you consider just an opinion, might be a dagger in someone else’s eyes.

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Do you have jewelry you don’t use? Perhaps a gift from an ex you don’t love anymore, or a precious metal chain that doesn’t suit you. Take a look.

Think about getting rid of what you no longer use at stores that buy goldor other valuable materials, this will allow you to cover some holes in your finances, Scorpio.

This Friday of September is a positive day for your ambitions if you have self-discipline. It’s also a good time to request a promotion, as the astral atmosphere is conducive for this.


A great ability to project your health concerns arises in Scorpio. You want the universe to inspire you, and your enthusiasm will be appreciated. Your vision is deep and responsible, and it helps you move forwards without risk of falling down.

Anxiety might be present this Friday, but food isn’t the answer. Try to avoid gluttony, or you might end up distorting your eating habits.

Plus, afterwards you’ll lament yourself and you’ll beg the heavens for a magic formula to lose the extra weight you’ve put on through sheer recklessness.