Magical Horoscope 7
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You feel that you usually control yourself too much when you want to say something in your relationships.

Your experience in the past has led you to unnecessary dramas because you have tried to explain your opinion to the other person.Even though you did it with no intention to harm anyone... People are definitely very susceptible!

For the first time, you feel your partner listens to you; your suggested improvements don't just fall into a broken bag. The other person gives in to its dominant attitude. Or have you perhaps begun to interpret its intentions from a well-intentioned point of view? Take advantage of this truce; love is not about attacking and protecting oneself constantly.

Today take advantage and talk about some issues you didn't want to talk about. It won't be dramatic at all, in fact, this will strengthen the bond between each other. 

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After going through small complications at work (low performance, low motivation, etc.) you're back at the helm, and you're back on track.

Sometimes you need someone pushing you if you want to perform at your best, but try not to get to these extremes. You deserve a calmer life with no shocks, don't you think?

Your excellent strength today will take you to quite high levels of work and this will undoubtedly, along with your optimism, make you be well considered in front of your superiors. This is the day you redeem yourself. Keep up the good work, Scorpio!


You didn't expect the results from some tests you have done for some illness you've had. It's other fronts you have to attack.

Luckily, you are aware that you have to do something, and you won't have any problem recognizing that maybe there is a particular psychological component that takes you away from being fully healthy.

Dive into yourself to find the answers, for this you must spend time in solitude, trying to enjoy the light that emanates tenuous from within. Only this way you will be able to enhance it.