Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The Scorpio sky appears unstable, so you’re better off saving your strengths and avoiding rushing into decisions.

You’ll be toying with the idea of breaking up a relationship or friendship (or one that is a combination of both), but the stars advise you to wait. Don’t be overly eccentric.

Plus, why don’t you focus on the kinder side of life and find a solution to the things that disturb you and make you uncomfortable?

If you’re single you’ll be restless. You move with ease to expand your area of influence, you want to capture hearts but you have no interest in experiencing love. You just want to add notches to your bedpost.

The game can become dangerous, as you might lose someone who’s really interesting.

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You’re open to dialogue and to meeting new people who can give you some input in your professional or financial areas.

Let things flow this Saturday, you might establish connections with very influential professionals, which will come in handy over the next few weeks.

Thanks to the good vibes from the Magic Horoscope stars, you’ll be able to shine with your domestic budget. If you have to do your weekly shop today, you’ll fill your trolley for less money than you anticipated.

If you’re expecting an inheritance or bequest you’ll receive news, even though the information won’t be official, just estimates. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.


You’ll need to accelerate your life’s rhythm a bit, you’re a bit rusty, and if you don’t stars moving you’ll bring your expiration date forwards.

This doesn’t mean you should start exercising like crazy either, as physical overexertion could cause injuries (which will be minor, generally speaking).

Try to make sure your exercise gently. It’s better to go for a walk by the lake or the sea and discover areas of outstanding natural beauty, than running a marathon until you pass out.