Scorpio Daily Horoscope for August 22

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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There will be a favourable atmosphere for reconciliations for those whose hearts have been hurt and torn apart by a dispute (if this is what you want, if you broke up over something serious, it would be better to close that chapter without looking back).

Generally speaking, the love in your relationship will be balanced, you’ll both make the same amount of effort. All decisions will be made jointly, discussing your points of view in a pacific manner. Dictatorships are based on terror, which is incompatible with love!

If you’re single, you’ll go around freely, a bit because you like it, and a bit because you don’t really have a choice. This will be because your usual suitors will be a bit distracted, they won’t answer your messages in time, and you’ll lose confidence in them.

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Your budget is good and you’re keeping on top of your savings. You’ll be a bloodhound when it comes to finding offers and discounts, and you’ll be obsessed with the feeling that you can buy everything cheaper, and this will allow you to save a pretty penny.

Your banker might recommend a flexible investment with substantial profit margins, but for the time being you should pass. Perhaps further down the line.

The sun will shine on your professional sphere, problems that were hidden will surface, but you’ll find ingenious solutions without having to make much of an effort.

You know where you’re going, and what to do to get there, all that’s left is to act confidently, as required by the operations! Follow your inspiration and don’t stray from the path of success, Scorpio.


Yellow will be your colour today, although in many cultures this colour is linked to bad luck. According to chromotherapy, which talks about how colours are beneficial for our health, yellow is the colour of happiness and energy.

Try to wear yellow today, and you’ll notice it stabilizes your nervous system, and even improves your muscular tone.

Around you there’s people using certain drugs to lose weight or gain muscle mass which are allegedly risk free. Regardless of how much they assure you of this, don’t take anything unless prescribed by your doctor or specialist.