Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You’ll be focused on giving your all to love; it will be your priority, and you could even cancel work appointments to be with your loved ones, with your partner, and with your children. You’d move mountains if you had to, just to make them happy and to meet their needs.

Your love will be unconditional, and this makes you happy, harmonious and fulfilled with the universe; you’ll be a magnet for peace, and you’ll only attract good vibes towards you and you’ll repel pessimists.

If you’re single, beauty will move you, and charm will enthrall you, leaving you speechless! Your desire for requited love will be alive today, your feelings will be so pleasant that you’ll want to heighten them! Your emotional confidence is at its peak, and this can lead you to find someone who shares your values, Scorpio.

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You’ll strive to steer negotiations in your favour, but regardless of how you try, there’ll be obstacles; you’ll need a miracle to avoid certain delays and setbacks.

This will irritate you, but the delays will only boost your determination and your keen ability to communicate. In the end, you’ll overcome everything, showing that you thrive under pressure.

You’ll have minor issues with your domestic finances: you’ll have to be very organized, and set very rigid budgets, but your leadership skills will shine. You’ll find the right words to get your point across.


You’re happy, in a great mood, and you'll attract sympathy, compassion and understanding; which is to be expected given how nice your sky is in the area of love.

Plus, you’ll have the right words to cheer your loved ones up, and you’ll be able to enjoy good times together.

Focusing on helping others is very therapeutic, as you’ll forget anything that might be bothering you at the moment.

Some Scorpios might become be kept up at night by something that fills them with guilt, and which they should fix sooner rather than later. Take advantage of today, as today you attract peace, and peace seeks you out.