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You want to be tolerant and understanding, but truth is that you can’t avoid being controlling. It’s not the time to go out, even if you receive lots of invitations from relatives, friends, colleagues, or even your partner.

If you’re looking for that special someone with whom to share your dreams, you’ll have to update your social life. You change clothes, jobs and other things, why not change friends?

If you have the courage to venture into new social circles, you’ll see the benefits it has for you and for your love life. If you’re in a relationship, venturing into unknown environments can rekindle the flame between the two of you.

You may also be called to settle a dispute, you’ll be able to pacify both parties.

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You may feel tempted to do some shopping therapy. However, as with all other temptations in life, you’ll probably end up regretting it. Wait a few days before spending all the money you worked so hard to earn.

It might be better to organise a soiree with friends and family, pouring all of your energy into making it a memorable evening. Spending money on those you love is never a waste.

If you’re going to make your case or ask for a promotion, do it now, but remember to be tactful and humble. Work is the ideal place to look for a little romantic affair… But be careful.


Today you’ll focus on your personal care. You’ll make yourself the number one priority, and it will mostly be a good thing, but there’s no excuse for such self-indulgence, Scorpio.

You think you have certain needs, but truth is you could very well go without some of those unhealthy habits you consider a necessity. Abusing coffee and stimulating substances in general, keeps you energetically unbalanced and that makes you unfocused.

You can get energy from natural sources by exercising.