Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


There’s certain problems at home that you’ve been ignoring, or perhaps there’s problems you didn’t even know were there, and which could be related to the youngest people at home, your children.

They need your help, and you should identify their needs quickly so they can overcome their obstacles promptly.

Beware: don’t forget about your partner, you’ll need them just as much as you’ve always done, or even more, even if you don’t know how to face what’s ahead of you. If you feel overwhelmed, seek professional help.

Admit your weaknesses and let your guard down, who doesn’t have problems from time to time, in their relationship, or with their children? Is there such a thing as a perfect family? That only happens in films, it’s pure fiction!

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Things not done in accordance with the set standards will drive you up the wall, and will make you extremely anxious, which can cause issues with your colleagues, or with yourself.

You might even detect serious irregularities which you won’t know whether to ignore or flag to your supervisors to let them know someone isn’t going by the book.

The best thing to avoid confrontation, will be to look the other way, but you’ll be annoyed that people think they can invent their own rules.

Be mindful of your personal belongings when out on the street, there’s a lot of delinquents on the loose and you might get pickpocketed. Remember where your mobile and wallet are!


How’s your hearing? Did you know that a wax plug in your ear can cause issues such as headaches, as well as loss of hearing?

However, don’t obsess over it, because it’s a natural secretion which protects us from impurities; if you clean your ears too much, you could end up drying the hearing canal.

Try to have lots of greens in your diet, such as lettuce, rocket, endives, cabbage… They’re foods which reduce your appetite, and they’re also super cheap!