Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Scorpio’s area of love is evolving, so to say. With the sun shining on this aspect, you won’t hesitate to stand in front of your partner andtell them everything you love about them.

They need a little boost, to feel good, to be supported by your love, and you’ll need to show how confident you are in the brilliance of your future together.

If you’re single you’ll have lots of energy to communicate: you don’t want to hold back, you’ve let your hair down. But perhaps you could turn it down a notch.

Don’t juggle many hearts at once, you’ll end up sad and alone when they find you out.

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You have a tough day ahead of you when it comes to financial matters, your duties will end up overwhelming you.

Try to relax and take breaks before the pressure breaks you.

At a normal office, breaks are optional and many people prefer to do without them and use the time for other things.

But try to listen to you body and take breaks to relieve your stress, especially if you’re not in a great mood.

Take ten minutes to yourself, breathe, turn off your mobile, or call your friends or your partner. Try to turn your mind to your life outside the office and let go of your worries.


If you’re significantly overweight, now’s the time to fix it, the Magic Horoscope foretells good conditions to support your progress towards this goal.

You already know not to trust miraculous diets, especially those that revolve around a single food item with near magical properties: a vegetable puree that you have to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, some syrup dissolved in water and lemon juice…

Your ideas to lose weight might not be the best, and you’ll have to consult a professional, such as an endocrinologist or a dietician.