Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus puts love at the forefront of your priorities. Your charm will dazzle everyone around you and you’ll live passionate moments that will excite you; however, some will be happy to just boil the kettle, without actually drinking the tea afterwards.

Quality is more important than quantity in life. If you’re single you shouldn’t focus on collecting notches on your bedpost, but rather focus on finding the one that fits perfectly in your love puzzle.

Although at times you seem anxious to be autonomous and free, without having to answer to anyone, the wellbeing of your loved ones is one of your main concerns. You’ll try to work on this and be more expressive, Scorpio.

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Neptune will accentuate your tendency towards introversion. You’ll be more taciturn and private than usual, as you’ll struggle to look at things from any point of view that isn’t yours.

You need to open up a bit more, especially if your profession involves dealing with customers, providing medical services or teaching. You have a lot to work on in this respect.

For this reason, the feeling that the roof is falling on your head will be a bit hard to manage, and you’ll think about doing some changes to improve the situation. It’s a good idea, but know that every reform you think of, however small, will involve a considerable amount of money.


Your muscular tone will be great for recovering from injuries, surgical interventions and, generally speaking, for the universe to let you catch a bit of a break if you’re coming from a rough patch health-wise.

Careful with drinking too much with the excuse that the weekend is just around the corner; you might have a killer hangover afterwards.

Many will want to try new diets and embrace, for example, veganism; all you need is a bit of ingenuity and willingness to break your old habits. You’ll discover there’s a wide range of textures, that there are wonderful herbs and spices to season your dishes and that your fat intake will be reduced considerably.