Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 23

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You doubt whether he or she loves you or not. You can't continue this way any longer, but you're afraid of saying anything, you've might been dreaming, and this is just unrequited love.

Stop being so afraid of everything, Scorpio. You are one of the bravest signs in the zodiac, and it's not time to go back now. You have enough courage to make the question and a lot more to accept a no as an answer. 

So go for it, with humor and calm. Because if they reject you, you will find someone else who appreciates your way of being in life and all the good you have to give.

The planets indicate a good sign, but it will depend on the way you decide to face the situation.

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Don't doubt for a moment about the decision you are about to make; it's the right one! Besides, you need to travel this new path that seems so crazy so you can grow as a person.

Plans are made with the best expectations, although they don't come out well at the end. You will still value this experience towards the future, and the learning won't have been in vain.

Your creativity grows, and with it, you discover before you new business possibilities, exploring your most inspired side. Doing some handicrafts or some kind of craftsmanship would bring you a lot of money, Scorpio.

Although the people around you don't agree with what you're planning to do, don't let the destructive criticism from people who never take a risk affect you.


Disease comes when you don't move from home, you don't see your friends... You're in a creative moment in which the stagnation of energy can create maladjustment in your mental body and with it, contract some kind of disease.

Investing some money in physical exercise or a personal trainer is something you won't regret at all. Being fit helps you clear your mind and think more clearly.

Nightmares are affecting you these days because of the excesses during dinner. Eat at least 2 hours before going to sleep; it's the best way to stop having those horrible dreams.