Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Small tensions in your relationship slow you down; there’s obstacles in your way, they’re small but numerous. If you’ve had an argument regarding a joint project, this happens in the best of families, try not to blow it out of proportion and to not hurt your partner gratuitously.

If you’re single, however, you’ll be on fire, and you’ll meet new people: today you’ll want to go after love.

Break your own moulds, Scorpio, look for new places to go out, meet people with different profiles. Have you ever thought that you might be more likely to meet the love of your life at a museum or theatre rather than at a club?

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Financial satisfaction brings some solace if your finances had been rocky. A project you had for a long time could resurface and earn you a small amount.

Generally speaking, there’ll be great signs for you, but you’ll have to work very hard and learn to negotiate, to demand better conditions, or to request an increase in your budget.

Check that your budget isn’t greater than your available resources. The main thing is making the most of your resources, dodging the financial difficulties that you might create for yourself.

If you need to spend money on repairs, how about doing it yourself and saving some money at the same time? It’s only a matter of trying!


You’ll have a chance to gain a better understanding of your own body, discover how it works and what’s improves or harms the way it functions. Thus, you’ll be able to get rid of useless habits with ease.

In this sense, if you need to decompress your emotions a bit, the day will be very conducive for this. You’ll air your thoughts and opinions, far away from the limitations of your daily life, so you can turn over a new leaf and, from now on, share good moments with your loved ones.

Some Scorpios will be a true whirlwind, so if that’s the case, know that you might wear those around you down. Try to focus on helping others and using your energy efficiently, towards specific and tangible goals.