Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 23

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Your level of passion and your spontaneity will be hard to control both in your feelings and impulses.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll be generous and exuberant. Your partner might be used to your listlessness and secrecy, which often take over you, but there won’t be any signs of either one of them. They won’t complain about it!

In fact, you’ll be all over the place, constantly making new short and long term plans; you’ll build so many sandcastles that you’ll seem like one of those lovers of old, the kind mentioned in romantic novels from the middle ages.

If you’re single you’ll be in a great mood, but you’ll also have some insecurities which will weigh on you when it comes to trying to approach someone who makes your heart race.

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Mercury’s current impact will probably cause events related to your finances which, even if they don’t change your life, will take some of the pressure off.

If you have a business with other people you’ll notice your partners are more understanding towards you, which will enhance your complicity and will restore the momentum to a business relationship that was becoming a bit monotonous and complicated.

If you have an upcoming job interview during the week, you should start doing your homework if you want to secure that job.

Read about the company, and how you should behave in the interview, and above all, practice your active listening.


With Saturn on a somewhat complicated aspect, you’ll be forced to make a bigger effort towards your wellbeing, and to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Nothing will scare you, fortunately, and Saturn will force you to be organised so you’re not left with no time to do the workouts you had chosen to do.

You’ll be very sensitive to scents in a good way; so you’ll greatly benefit from aromatherapy, which will allow you to heal through the scents of plants and their essential oils.