Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


There’ll be a good level of harmony today, especially if you’re in a relationship. Romantic energy flows with more ease and inspires you, giving you the greatest joie de vivre.

You’re enthusiastic and the goddess Venus, through its planet, makes you feel good. Any proposition that spices up your relationship will be welcome (or which give way to new friendships if you’re single).

Your sensitivity is projected through beneficial, proactive and enterprising impulses. This Saturday you’ll be able to renovate your vitality, solidify your desire to go the extra mile until you achieve your emotional (or physical) desires.¡Be confident, things are moving in the right direction, enjoy the ride.

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Can you feel your inner giant awakening? The stars tell us you’ll be surrounded by success and possessed by ambitious financial goals (which might also spike your anxiety and keep you up at night, truth be told).

You’re not concerned about resting anyway, as your self-confidence is reaching unprecedented levels and pushing you forward, even through spectacular leaps which allow you to find great ideas for your financial growth. Your mind is set on your future, you’re looking for financial stability for your future.

You wish you could buy more time. Those around you blame you for your lack of participation in family matters, as you spend too much time at work. At home, the atmosphere is tense and the pressure rises, and sooner or later you’ll have to give in, Scorpio.


Your life might be pleasant, alright, but it’s lacking salt and spices. You’ll have to take a step back, plan something exciting, and you’ll end up finding new opportunities to oxygenate your body and mind.

Don’t get stuck in what’s easy and comfortable, take some risks. How about enquiring to do, for example, some extreme or adventure sports, such as gliding or bungee jumping, to get your heart racing and spike your adrenaline?

You might be ignoring it, but you’re craving excitement, original encounters, as the energies are going against your optimism.