Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Your partner is in a bad mood today, but you don't really know why. And they aren't going to be very collaborative! You can't do much about it, I'm afraid...

It won't be easy to tolerate this attitude, but if you take much notice of them when they act like that, what is the message you're sending them? "If you get cross, I give you my attention."

The best thing to do is to let them calm down and wait until they want to tell you what is wrong with them. In the meantime, show yourself available and receptive, but don't leave your tasks aside just to take notice of their shifting moods. 

Keep a bit of a distance, and you'll see that soon, your partner will change his/her attitude. 

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You are going through a period of growth in your career. This renews your hopes, without a doubt you're going in the right direction. Have faith in your abilities and keep showing them like you've been doing up until now. 

You know exactly what you have to do, and you've learnt to do it well. You're going to receive a large payment because of all that effort. Your work evolves to another level.

If you have recently lost a valuable object and you gave it up for lost, you could have a surprise tonight. Pay attention to your dreams; they could give you a hint of where that object is. Look for it when you wake up, or you'll forget. 


Awaken that inner voice that tells you when to stop for a moment and rest. It seems as though you never have enough, and that your goals are still to achieve... Your energy is enviable, but sometimes a stop on the way is essential.

Don't make your health a concern you need to solve urgently, pay attention to what your body asks for at all times. 

Doing some exercise is an excellent way to connect with your body sensations. Apart from leaving you in incredible physical condition with its regular practice!