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Although it's great to get on well with your partner, having some minor arguments during the day is normal, Scorpio. This isn't bad; arguments lead to reconciliations that can take you to exciting moments...

The current state of the planets offers you the opportunity to transform all that negative energy into another motivation to end up in bed together. The scorpion is a sensual person, obey your wildest impulses today...

On the other hand, the problems you have with a relative are finally going to be solved. The relationship with people that have always been by your side will be full of affection.

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Try not being provocative with your superiors. You could see yourself in some conflicts that you won't know how to get out of. High-sounding words can leave you in a very delicate position...

The working climate won't be the best one with your colleagues, but at least you'll get some energy from that isolation to finish your tasks beforehand and with impeccable execution.

Very soon you will be involved in projects of absolute magnitude, for which you must remain focused, as they will require great discipline on your part. Get used to the idea from now, Scorpio.


Start listening to your body and you'll gain some control over your appetite and your emotional responses. Self-knowledge comes together with self-control.

One of the best ways of looking after your body is through a good rest. You have to have this habit, especially when days full of responsibilities are coming. 

To be able to sleep with no problem, it's essential for you to have your mind calm before going to bed. An infusion of valerian can help dispel your worries before closing your eyelids.