Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


If you’re in a stable relationship, you’ll notice small cracks in the foundation, and insecurity will take over you: you don’t know if you’re building your relationship on a solid foundation or on quicksands.

If there’s not much chemistry between you, there’ll be small arguments where you might choose to hold your tongue and take part of the blame.

Careful: while you’re having a marital row, avoid temptation, getting carried away by other people, because this would ruin everything, just as you were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re single, leave the past behind you, Scorpio: don’t poison yourself with memories of bad experiences or disappointing relationships that made you lose your faith in love. And don’t compare notes with others, every relationship is unique, and the next one might be the one.

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You’ll be very clever, even before the trickiest of situations; you won’t let anyone disrupt your goals or your wellbeing, and you’ll manage to turn bad things into good ones with a lot of skill.

The saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and you won’t only apply it, you’ll make the best lemonade in the world, this is the gift the stars will give you today.

There will also be good conditions to close a financial deal or a work one, and especially if it’s linked to education or philosophy.

Generally speaking, things will be good for you, you won’t waste time on trivialities and you’ll focus on important matters. One piece of advice, the devil is in the details.


You desire adventure, to see new horizons, so try to save some of your precious time to do the things you long to do.

Quality is more important than quantity; if you go only for mildly exciting adventures, you’ll feel more disappointed than fulfilled.

Likewise, the stars invite you to try to have better quality rest; it’s not so much how many hours you sleep, but rather the effect these have on your body.

Perhaps, to improve this, you’d have to buy a new mattress, or at least, flip the one you have so it can be worn equally on both sides.