Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


This Sunday the 25th of August will be a great day full of pleasant surprises, especially in the field of love.

Open your mind, or your field of action, if you prefer to call it that way! Enrolling in n new activities will bring you luck, and opportunities if you’re single.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll be able to postpone the more complicated decisions and colour your daily situations with exotic sensuality. Even preparing a meal together could turn into a seduction game.

Your optimism is increasing, your insecurities are vanishing little by little, and no matter what happens, you won’t seek refuge in your inner garden.

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Your income will improve, or your work will be recognized by your supervisors, so this Sunday you want to celebrate big time, but don’t spend all of your additional income on food and drink, Scorpio!

Many will feel their life is coming to a good place to start new activities or to present an idea which allows you to increase the profitability of your activities.

But for this to happen you must first believe in yourself; otherwise, no one else will. Let them know you’re in it to win it!

You could invest more time on expanding your knowledge. Furthering your education could help you find a better job and, therefore, improve your income.

As they say, an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest, so get to work and read as much as you can!


You’re well-rested, and your mind is completely clear. You’ll be full of light, capable of transmitting happiness to your loved ones with just a glance and a good hug. You bring peace to the Universe, you’re a human amulet.

Scorpio’s spirituality will be amazing, and you’ll be able to perceive things that most humans can’t; messages from your spiritual guides could reach your mind, perhaps through dreams.

Some might even feel a loved one is sending them love and support from beyond the grave, perhaps through a song that reminds you of them, or a photograph which appears somewhere where it shouldn’t be.