Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



If a relationship seems unachievable, or difficult to begin, perhaps you should first put certain doubts aside. The candidates, like dogs, can smell fear! Show more confidence.

The position of the planets gives you strength and determination to win that person's heart, and the ability to connect with other people too.

If you seek within yourself the true confidence in you, be sure that you will find it, Scorpio. The person that stole your heart a long time ago will respond the way you want. 

Scorpios in a relationship will be confident enough to start any type of conversation with their better half, and that will leave them with an important feeling of liberation. 

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You are entering unknown territory today. Make sure you're prepared enough. The best thing you can do right now is to believe in yourself. You have some tools, and you must know the best moment to use them. 

Regarding money, you lack certain ease in controlling the flow of money. If it's complicated for you to have your bank account up to date, it might not be a crazy thing to do to contract a consultant or someone that can help you with the numbers. 

If you prefer, take a notebook with you where you can write down your outlays, Scorpio. 


Today's transition lays in the ideal foundation for overall cleanliness -the kind that takes place once or twice a year.

Include in the process of body renovation: a foam bath, whims that you don't allow yourself every day. Today these are an irresistible attraction and the best way to ensure your physical and emotional well-being.

If you feel in the mood for it, try to restrict the consumption of calories. Your body will be grateful that you free it from that extra work you usually submit it to.