Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Focus on your future goals rather than on your past failures. What good is it to keep reliving traumatic episodes from past relationships? It only makes you lose touch with the present.

You want your friends to share in your plans and dreams, but they think you’re a bit bossy. You’re usually the one calling the shots in your relationship, Scorpio.

Resist the temptation to force them into submission, if you can’t, just let them drift purposelessly, and search for other kindred spirits which are willing to join forces with you from the very first moment. It’s as simple as that.

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You’re perceived as a visionary, but there’s fog and clouds between you and your determination.

This project seems very risky. You find yourself at a crossroads and the stars advice you to tread with extreme caution.

What approaches isn’t the end for you. Maybe the world isn’t ready to take this idea on board yet, but that doesn’t mean you should bin it. Keep working on it, even if the time isn’t right just yet.

Don’t lose heart, the most valuable lessons in life can be learned from failure, and they will eventually lead you towards your life’s purpose.


Do you want to change your mindset? Read everything you come across, and the more varied the content, the better. Discovering new depths to life will bring you immense joy.

Having a wide scope of interests is essential to avoid obsessions, to expand your internal world, and to free your soul.

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