Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You can rejoice in the beautiful phase your sign is going through in terms of love. It could even be said that this chapter in your life was written by the Grimm brothers or Christian Andersen, it will be a true fairytale!

But there won’t be any wolves or witches in it, just magic everywhere, brilliant rainbows in your sky and fairies, if you make an effort to look a little bit farther.

But it won’t last forever, one day it will change, but that’s future Scorpio’s problem; you, on the other hand, need to focus on enjoying what life has to offer.

If you’re single, you can make the mot of this astral magic to heal old wounds and forget past loves and the marks they left on your soul.

How long has it been since that love story ended? Isn’t it time to stop wearing black and go back to enjoying life? The Magic Horoscope has the answer: of course it is.

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A triad of stars will give you a good sense of sustainable consumerism, looking after the environment, so that one day your children and your grandchildren can have a good quality of life, without exhausting the natural resources.

To begin with, you could start recycling your rubbish, rather than throwing it out all together.

And then, you could buy environmentally friendly products. Have you thought about buying things in bulk, rather than in small packages, thus reducing your plastic waste?


There’ll be moments where you’ll feel like a puppet in the hands of a child, and you won’t be entirely wrong, as the stars will put you to the test to make you wiser, and stronger.

The vital experiences won’t fall on deaf ears, you’ll learn lessons that will be forever embedded into your brain, and you’ll use this knowledge whenever you get the chance.

Sports will be a very good way to release some tension if you’re in the process of quitting smoking, and are struggling with withdrawal. More running, less nicotine chewing gums!