Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The tension in your relationship will suddenly be diffused as the stars will force you to admit you’re not always on the right. You’ll struggle to come to terms with this, but it will be liberating to admit that you’re not the owner of absolute truth, nor have all the answers in the universe!

Thus, you’ll spend this Monday the 26th of August in the warmth of your home, delighting in the small details, as you want to appreciate the sweet things in life.

If you think that family life is a refuge where you can always find shelter from external storms, you’re right. Pay attention to your children or dependants, someone has news for you (of the positive kind, there’s no need to worry, Scorpio).

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Privacy is very important, as well as professional confidentiality. Information related to your business or company which shouldn’t leave your office.

The stars are telling you this because, enraptured at the moment, you might talk more than you should and end up in quite a pickle.

For some, it will be a crucial day, whether it’s because of an important meeting or because you’re consolidating an existing professional relationship in a spectacular way!

You can gain partners or investors, some might be elusive, but if you insist you’ll see they’re interested in doing business with you. Diplomacy will be your most valuable tool, and you’ll be able to make a good amount of money.


When it comes to your health, trust your intuition, it will be excellent today. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to avoid all sorts of upsets, you’ll have a great advantage when it comes to avoiding all sorts of problems compared to the other zodiac signs.

Sadness might weigh you down at times, but you’ll be able to vanquish it by breaking your routine, replacing those feelings with happier ones, which you’ll be able to share.

A new hobby or encounter in a different environment will show you a new aspect of the world, you still have much to discover, and new hopes and ambitions will blossom. Meditation will help you further your more immediate goals.