Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


You know that your evolution towards becoming a more empathic and loving person is well underway; especially because you can see that you used to be more rancorous in the past, Scorpio, but now you’re more flexible, and you even boast about it.

However, there can be some unforeseen circumstances which will make you doubt yourself, it might even be a problem in your relationship that will make you lose your rag, or the discovery of a family problem that had been kept quiet.

Easy, you can’t be violent if it’s not in your nature, but a grudge could take over your heart; you’ll think that certain things can’t be forgiven (but that’s not the case, is it?).

Your own experience will make you reach the conclusion that love and grudges can’t cohabitate in your heart, but you’ll have to reach this conclusion on your own. Good luck, Scorpio!

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Do you have free time this Sunday? If the answer is yes, spend some time taking care of your home, and, armed with a calculator, invent new methods to stop the money from vanishing.

Evaluate if you can unplug some appliances to make the light bill go down a bit; you could even use extension cords with a switch.

That way you can be sure that they’re actually off and not on stand by, as it happens with many televisions, for example.

If you have to buy new appliances, make sure they have a high energy efficiency rating.


You can be a bit hyperbolic when you talk about your health issues; so much so, that you’d even be capable of lying to a doctor and making it seem like you’re a lot worse than you actually are.

It’s really important that you don’t self-medicate, without a professional opinion, you could suffer adverse reactions.

Don’t let fear and a tendency to exaggerate get in the way of leading a full and normal life; don’t cancel plans to lock yourself up in your bubble.

In fact, this will be a great day for team sports. Look for something to do in this regard.