Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 27

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Think carefully about the name of each person you talk to today; your head is a bit muddled roday and you could make a mistake.

If you’re in a relationship, they won’t take kindly to you calling them by a different name, perhaps that of your ex, and you’ll be in the dog house.

If you’re single, you might bump into old acquaintances that you used to have a thing for, but with whom nothing ever happened.

Jupiter invites you to make the first move, reach out to them, ask them for their phone number, follow them on social networks… Do something to make them notice you (and what a catch you are).

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Careful what you wish for, especially if your finances aren’t as bright as the stars in the sky, Scorpio.

The astral configurations will lead you to ask for favours, money loans, and you’ll contract small debts, but which you won’t be able to pay back instantly.

In order to preserve your reputation, leave within your means, alright?

At work, be judicious and don’t criticize anyone behind their backs, regardless of whether others are doing it ot not, or even if they’re actively trying to get you to talk.

Gossip is a dangerous game, and you’ll end up being found out, and the Magic Horoscope doesn’t even want to get into what the consequences will be. You’ve been warned!


If you frequently struggle to fall asleep, and you feel you don’t rest well, you could try and research what nidra yoga.

Its biggest advocates swear it’s the equivalent of four hours of sleep, as it’s usually done with your eyes closed, searching for a deep relaxation which will last right up until you go to bed.

This practice brings your conscience towards your subconscious to release all the tension in your body and mind, relaxing muscular and emotional tension and increasing your determination.

If you’re going to the gym, remember to warm up properly: you could injure yourself today.