Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



A serious conversation between you and the ones you love will clarify the confusion. Now that the roles are better defined and the emotional problems are clarified, the routine becomes easier and more bearable. 

Being in a relationship allows you to add magic moments to your day to day life, and be sure that after that emotional connection established today, you'll feel the fireworks in bed. 

If you're still in the conquest phase, you will be able to impress your potential lover with new skills... skills you didn't even know you had! Let yourself be carried away by the intense energy of the day.

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You do not imagine the tension at work; it is there, the culprits for that atmosphere are your superiors. Your colleagues take orders, and so do you.

They encourage rivalry, so it's impossible to work in harmony. The company's policy was wrong from the beginning. Knowing this, don't take competitiveness as something negative that goes against you.

A bit of a challenge can be stimulating to improve your productivity. Use the circumstance that the company provides in your favor, although at first, its values don't agree with yours. 


You receive the influence of Jupiter from an unfavorable angle, and this will make you fall into excesses and exaggeration. 

You'll tend to demand too much of life and to enjoy all the satisfactions, so you must be careful during this time not to abuse the pleasures of the table. This can disturb your health, and there may even be a risk of gaining weight.

There is a strong possibility to have accidents or major collisions. From the Magic Horoscope, we invite you not to do anything crazy behind the wheel, especially if you have had a couple of drinks before.