Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 27

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You have a lot of self-confidence, and that leads you to think that you can seduce whoever you want. 

This can be like that, your charisma and your irresistible charm allow you to touch people's hearts deeply.

However, you should also consider the possibility of rejection, since you are very unaccustomed to it and today's planets don't indicate a good day for the art of seduction.

It's better to wait for another day. In the meantime, you can also take care of certain more external aspects, such as the physical one, to definitely drive them crazy with your sole presence at any get-together or date, Scorpio.

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Excitement and nervousness at work can affect you to worse. Don't allow it to happen, because it will make you feel overwhelmed and it will make you make mistakes that you don't usually make. 

Not working today doesn't mean you can relax completely. There are some pending issues, papers to revise that you should have a look at now that you have time, or it will have a negative impact on your household economy.

You need to make some agreements, come to deals at work and even at home with whom you share a roof. Deals are definitely necessary to progress. You shouldn't be blamed for everything. 


Today's energy will give you the power to see through the multiple ways in which you try to hide the truth on many occasions.

You'll be especially receptive to understanding that your lack of exercise and the excess of food are to blame that your state of health has come to less.

Do you remember when you woke up full of energy and ready for everything? It might be time to go back to what worked for you back then. A more balanced diet, walking or cycling to work, etc.