Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


As the weekend starts, the volcano of desire erupts, Scorpio, and you’ll want to enjoy your body and enjoy love, through burning passions, regardless of whether you have a partner or not.

You want to experience new ways of loving, to bring out your feisty and savage side, so much so, that you might freak your other half out at some point. However, you’ll soon see you’re on the same page, and you’ll enjoy a deep connection.

In spite of this, the stars want to clarify something: intimate problems aren’t solved through sex, but by having a heart to heart, with the truth as your only weapon to defeat any obstacles you’re facing.

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You have to come to terms with the idea that, if your savings haven’t vanished yet, they soon will due to matters which you have to tend to right now.

But don’t think you’re losing them, but rather investing them, which isn’t the same thing.

If you’ve been having a creative block, it’ll disappear today; you’ll be able to open your mind to new experiences, you’ll know how to observe yourself and how to transfer this unto your work.

Painters, sculptors, composers, and generally speaking anyone who dedicates themselves to the arts, will have a very productive day, and any work they start today could become very valuable in the future.

This is because you’ll have great focus provided by the stars, and with it, you won’t hesitate to make daring choices at the right time.


Your health will be good in general, in spite of a few minor issues which could make a comeback, but it won’t be too bad.

However, some Scorpios will have to keep a close eye on their stomach and bowels, which will be rather sensitive.

So avoid eating too much, or eating food that’s too spicy, as this could cause some minor issues which you would have to get checked. Carry some liver salts with you, just in case!

Make the most of the extra energy the stars give you today to carry out boring or cumbersome, stop postponing them indefinitely, finish them once and for all!