Scorpio Daily Horoscope for June 27

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Everything will be well at home, partly due to your good disposition and optimism, which won’t allow anything to take away your smile, even if your partner or your children push your buttons.

You’ll share your optimism and vitality with your loved ones, and you’ll get them to do things your way without imposing on them, as you’ll be very tactful.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, you might have a mishap due to lack of communication. Perhaps it’s time to plan a trip to meet face to face and tell each other how much you love each other.

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You want to go at the speed of light professionally, but the stars are telling you the following: be patient. There’s all sorts of problems and conflicts in your horizon, and you’ll have to think carefully to find a solution to them, don’t get carried away by your impulses.

You’ll have to face situations the outcome of which will be unpredictable, and your sixth sense won’t be very switched on, so don’t rely on it. You need to stop being naive, don’t believe every promise that’s uttered, and always prepare for the worst case scenario.

There’ll be a lot of movement in the area of your finances, and there you’ll be able to feel the negative impact of some planets, but you’ll be able to protect yourself from them skillfully.

Be careful not to partake in financial operations that are above your budget, because things won’t go your way. Same thing goes if you’re acting illegally: you might get found out.


The current planetary rhythm will make you lead a hectic life, Scorpio. But you’ll get through it because you have the willpower and the strength to not let anyone drag you down: you’ll be like a life jacket, always keeping afloat, regardless of how big the waves are.

Try to lead a calmer and more regular life (easier said than done, of course) and take care of your limbs, especially your knees, which could bother you at some point.

You’ll also be sensitive to loud noises, so try to avoid driving through industrial areas, or where various works and constructions are being carried out.