Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Your partner isn’t very receptive, Scorpio. Be careful with your actions and be gentle with them. You’re very sensitive right now, and at greater risk of being unfaithful. No one is questioning your loyalty, but be grateful for what you have at home before you go out looking for something more. Don’t respond to their lack of interest by betraying them!

Remember that you’re together because you both chose to, but you don’t own each other; all couples go through rough patches. Strengthen the bond you have with your partner, make it unbreakable. Find solace in all the good memories you have together.

Your pride is not your friend today, it won’t allow you to move forward. Try not to involve friends and family in this matter, they could negatively influence your decisions. Plan a romantic getaway, dinner by candlelight, and forget about the bad times!

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Your rapport with your colleagues gets better by the day. You’ll have to accept their help when they offer it, it also wouldn’t hurt to take their opinions about your work on board. You must learn to work as a team. If you work on your own, you need to keep an open communication channel with your supervisors, this way you’ll avoid mistakes and unforeseen circumstances.

It’s time to treat yourself, you’ve been saving up for quite some time, and a small purchase won’t jeopardise your finances. Treat yourself, Scorpio!

If you’re still looking for a job, you should consider investing in your education. Even if it seems impossible to do right now, soon you’ll be glad you did it. There’s a huge offer of training for all areas and levels, take the leap, Scorpio!


Don’t carry all the negativity around you on your shoulders. You don’t have to suffer for things you couldn’t fix even if you wanted to. If you carry on like this you could end up having a panic attack. You have enough on your plate already. Make the conscious choice not to take on other people’s problems!

Activities such as yoga or meditation can help you get rid of the horrible feeling you get from the problems around you.