Scorpio Daily Horoscope for April 28

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If you’re not disillusioned in your partner, today you’ll be the most captivating and generous lover the Magic Horoscope has ever seen on the face of the earth. It will all be complicity and fantasy.

But lord have mercy if they’re disloyal or if you catch them in a lie (and catch them you will)!

Then the stars foretell you’ll become a ruthless and inflexible Scorpio.

If you’re single, there’s an exceptionally good configuration on your sky, you could meet your soulmate (even if you think this is a myth, and that there’s no such thing).

Try to go out, because you might even bump into them the second you set one foot outside.

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You need to prepare for job interviews: don’t think that a good resume is enough.

At an interview, you need to create a good impression, at home you could walk around in sweatpants and a t-shirt, but for this kind of occasion you need up your level of sophistication and carefully groom yourself.

But within reason, of course. Don’t confuse a job interview with a night out, don’t wear excessive makeup or revealing or flashy clothes.

Prepare this way, because in the coming week you’ll receive a call from a human resources department inviting you over for a meeting.


Hamburgers, chips, fried chicken wings, pizzas with all manner of toppings. We all know the effects of fast food on our systems, but we tend to associate it mostly with obesity, and appearance issues.

Perhaps due to lack of time (or because you like it) today you’ll feel tempted to turn back to junk food, but it will do your stomach no favours, and you might end up with digestive problems.

This kind of food has next to no fiber, it sits like a rock on your stomach, and it could upset it (or even give you diarrhea).

The Magic Horoscope advises that, if you really want to eat that kind of food, you make it in the oven: you could cook the chicken with less oil, and roasted potatoes are a lot healthier than chips.