Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


From your point of view, something’s going wrong, therefore, you prefer to observe rather than do in all matters of the heart.

You prefer to analyze what your next move is going to be and study potential reactions, you don’t want to leave your heart’s destiny up to chance (but you’ll be tempted by the unknown, but this will be your little secret).

Take your time, you need to analyze the situation carefully, as you’ll only take a step through careful consideration.

If you’re single, a flame could spark with someone from your close circle, whom you know from before but with whom you haven’t had many conversations. Stay alert to gestures and details, exchanges of glances and slight contact.

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People you made business with in the past will come calling back, and with whom the business relationship fizzled out naturally. You’ll be able to achieve great things together and the feeling that no time has passed at all will be palpable. There’s a lot of money waiting for you!

In some cases, a minority, you’ll have to own some past mistakes, but it will be easy. You don’t want to hold a grudge, it’s pointless. Plus, forgiving is much more liberating for the soul, as life has already shown you. You don’t want to be held hostage by the ghosts of the past.

New opportunities are coming to you, if you’re looking for a job, or if you’re thinking about taking a big step. Weigh all of your options carefully before saying yes; luckily, the moon will slow your impulse down, Scorpio.


You’ll look after your health a lot and you double your efforts to prevent accidents and illnesses; you’ll make the right decisions, but don’t forget to enjoy life, living to 100 but stuck inside a plastic bubble isn’t ideal.

Season your food with a bit more garlic if you feel your defenses are a bit low. Did you know it’s a strong antibiotic which was widely used during World War II? It can help cure minor infections, it improves colds and increases the healing rate of wounds. Do you need any more reasons?