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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 28

Your Horoscope for Friday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You are full of love. Your relationships are revitalized, there's no better way to start this Friday...

You will see different people you care about throughout the day. They will be sort but intense encounters in which you will feel grateful for having them in your life. And you in theirs...

You can be proud of having very good friends. You can tell them whatever you want, although today there won't be many clouds that stop the sun shining in your heart. 

Save some time for your family. Being with them implies that you can talk about whatever concerns you and the worries of life. Opening your heart is letting the rest feel your great emotional heat. 

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The actions and steps you were about to take are retained. Technical problems or human failure will prevent you from approaching the goal, but it will have an easy solution.

The working environment between your colleagues, as usually, will be tense and exasperation can end up affecting you, but in the end, you will understand that these things can happen. Try calming the rest down because you seem to be the only one who isn't going to lose your head. 

Don't let the occasional inconvenience get you off your nerves. Try again, whatever happens.

If you dedicate yourself to a sector closely related to technology, today won't be the best day, but Magic Horoscope already confirms that the bad streak won't last until tomorrow.

There may also be delays and traffic jams. Take the precaution of leaving a little before the time you usually start work so you can avoid these inconveniences.


Think about that illness that you have in a compassionate way... It's not your fault that you have it, although you sometimes think about at what point things started going this way in your life. 

Ask yourself what measures you should take now and leave the residual garbage of the mind aside. Carrying out healing oriented actions, from the love you feel for yourself, is the greatest act of healing.

Go to your doctor's appointment, take your medications with patience, because you will soon achieve total recovery.

Green will give you special hope and strength and will magnify all the good resonances you emit and attract to your life. Try to keep it close.

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