Magical Horoscope 7
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Emotionally taciturn... Today you are going to be a real scorpion. You can feel a lot, but you prefer hiding it under your shield. And if you could inject your venom to keep everyone away, you would do it!

Don't let those bad feelings invade your relationships. The rest start to understand the way you are and at the slightest warning, don't doubt they'll get out of your way.

Avoid extreme reactions. Just wait until this day goes by, tomorrow you'll be in the mood for love again!

Feeling resentment for a certain person doesn't make you stronger, on the contrary, it diminishes your psychological strengths. You give it an importance it shouldn't have in your life. Send loving thoughts to those who deserve it and ignore the rest!

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Look for people that provide you with courage and growth. When it comes to business, just as in love matters, you must trust your first sensations. Your Scorpio intuition doesn't fail.

There's someone who wants to work with you but be careful because from the first moment you feel like something is not right. Is it their way of working? Are their intentions sincere...?

Check your perceptions well; there's something fishy going on here, although you don't know why. 

Today you shouldn't rush to carry out movements with money that you aren't completely clear about. The planets tend to manifest events in the form of setbacks in your life, so it's better to proceed from caution.


The human body is the physical expression of complex and powerful energies. In Scorpio, the dominant part is usually the upper part of the body. It's where most of the tensions focus usually, right?

To solve this, it's necessary to balance your feminine strengths (as you are a water sign). Substantial and warm foods help you maintain your health, as it enhances your masculine strengths. (This is independently from your sex).

Eating a good stew dish or any traditional recipe will bring you lots of energy and good health. Also, don't forget to go to a professional masseur from time to time, so you get rid of the accumulated tension in this area.