Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Don’t let yourself be deceived by appearances, Scorpio. Look for the truth and use this day to face your personal challenges; you’ll notice your focus is improving daily.

You’ll have to question aspects of your relationship, as you suspect your partner isn’t being entirely honest with you, that they’re doing things just because you want to, but they’re not really into it, and that’s not what you want.

Plus, it might be that their accommodating attitude is hiding the fact that they’ve been unfaithful. So try to get to the bottom of things.

If you’re single, this game of appearances might lead you into the arms of someone who doesn’t love you, and who’s only trying to get some perks from being with you. People like that are better kept at arm’s length!

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You’ll be able to overcome any obstacles with ease, nothing will interrupt your progress, not even financial problems.

You’ll spend your energy on developing a constructive action, which ensures your future, where decisions will be made calmly, and impulses will be cast aside. At times you’ll have to relax your mind to preserve your balance, but it won’t be a mission impossible.

Careful with the culture of exposure promoted by social networks; you might be revealing more than you should about your life, and some miscreants could collect data on what your house looks like, when you come or go, or when you’re away on holidays.


At times today you could feel overwhelmed, exhausted or even unwell. But it won’t be anything serious, don’t worry.

It’s all in your mind, you’ll think you’ve got symptoms that you don’t really have, perhaps from a virus or illness that’s been on the news lately. But everything is alright, you can breathe now!

You usually burn incense or scented candles, but you need to make sure that you only use good quality ones (even if this means spending a bit more).

Make sure they’re made with natural ingredients, as you’ll get less benefits from the ones made with artificial ones (which can even have harmful effects, as some are made with toxic materials).