Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



For those single Scorpios out there, Venus, the planet of love, could take you back to the arms of someone from your past, someone you share a history with.

Your chemistry will be good, but you’ll soon remember why you had to go your separate ways; However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. But be careful not to get your hopes up, don’t think this time will be different, this spark won’t be everlasting.

For those who are in a relationship, the Magic Horoscope foretells of a quiet, but not boring, Thursday; there will be some unforeseen events. You and your partner will both take it easy, and this will allow you to avert disaster, without even breaking a sweat.

By nighttime, you could give free rein to your passion through a couple of glasses of champagne and some oysters, which are great aphrodisiacs.

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How busy is your schedule, Scorpio? It would be worthwhile to make the time to tidy up your place as soon as possible.

Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear (yes, I’m talking about the ones you bought on a sale and which you haven’t worn once, and will never wear) and put them to good use, donate them to charity.

And while you’re at it, go to your basement and look through your old toys, you might find a couple of things that might be worth a few quid at an antique store.


Your stomach will be a tad sensitive to spices today, and unless you want to have terrible heartburn, you should watch out.

Other than this, there’s not much else to highlight; just keep taking good care of yourself as you’ve been doing.

You could exercise your mind, read a bit more before going to bed, perhaps, a novel by your favourite author.

And don’t stay up until silly o’clock binge watching series, no matter how fascinating they are, you need your beauty sleep.