Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


How about you take a break to reflect on the formula you’re using to find your other half, that person to share (and enjoy) your life with?

In trying to woo that person you like you’re liable to lose yourself, creating a character worthy of a rom-com who’s practically perfect, and it will be hard to sustain it in the long run.

Don’t become a textbook Don Giovanni, and accept that you’re unique in your own way, that your different working and family, and personal experiences have made you the person you are today. You are perfect for someone, you just haven’t met them yet!

If you’re in a relationship, the stars promote your evolution, so you can become a better person and a better listener. Your other half wants your help and understanding, don’t just agree with them for the sake of agreeing, actively listen to them.

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The fact that it’s already the 28th means it’s too late to plan the month’s expenses, Scorpio. Don’t complain if you’ve been irresponsible, and face the consequences of your recklessness.

And fasten your seatbelt, because you’ll have to weather out the remainder of the month of May. And try to be aware of where every penny is going.

Make note of what you’ll need until payday, so you have your basic needs covered. Be creative and resourceful!


You’re tired of the opinions of others, especially if they’re demanding you chance certain aspects of your life, following an example that they aren’t capable of following themselves.

The stars want you to realise that it’s not that everybody is against you; but there’s people whose opinion matters to you, and whose advice you value. And if what they say goes against what you do or what you like, you get angry.

Work on your self-confidence, look people in the eye, leave your shyness and allow yourself to be who you are, alright?