Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your inner circle, composed of some friends and relatives, advises you to change certain aspects of your relationship.

However, you disagree, and you’ll stick to your guns. You know where your relationship is at and where you want to lead it better than anyone. Thank them for their opinion, of course, but follow your heart.

You’ll work towards your family stability, and you’ll make room in your schedule to spend quality time with your other half or your children.

If you’re single, you’ll miss your ex, but you’ll also understand that getting back together would be a mistake, as there’s no love left between you.


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This Saturday you’ll have very constructive energy. You’ll receive positive stimuli, your finances are in the right place right now and you will be able to explore new options to improve your financial life.

You’ll have constructive chats with people who are in a similar situation to your own and thanks to them you’ll overcome certain fears. You won’t see others as the competition, but rather, as allies with whom you can create synergy and momentum to keep moving forward.

If you’re hoping to start your own business, you should wait a bit longer and get a broader sense of the current situation. You might receive new information regarding the financing of your product and design better strategies.


You want to have a good time, and you could organize a sports event with your friends to show how much energy you have. If it involves water sports, all the better. Let your inner Scorpio shine and crush your rivals! In a sportsmanlike way, naturally.

Likewise, showers and bubble baths will allow you to get rid of any bad mojo. Just like swimming a few laps!

Don’t turn down impromptu invitations to go out for a meal, you could try some very healthy favours which you could incorporate into your daily life.