Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


The current sky fills Scorpio with energy. Your most fundamental goal this Thursday will be achieving happiness in the realm of love.

The muses fill your relationship with creativity and you’ll have the courage to avoid certain restrictions and social conventions. You’ll be able to move forward with confidence and some speed (but don’t worry, you won’t crash against the wall).

Trust your sixth sense, your intuition will take you down the right path and your hearts will be cheered up thanks to this.

If you’re single, be bolder than usual. Ask the bartender from your usual joint out, make a profile on a dating app or ask your best friend to set up a blind date with one of their colleagues, why not? Cupid will eventually shoot an arrow your way, Scorpio.

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Agreement at work won’t be easy, especially if you have colleagues with the same authority as you; your positions will be radically opposite, and neither one of you will want to give in and agree with the other party.

Walking in your shoes will be hard, and you’ll turn to friends and experts for advice. Ask them to be honest about what they think, not to say just what they think you want to hear. To be truthful.

Careful with your belongings to avoid thefts. There are many wrongdoers on the prowl, so be very alert.


In terms of health, you’ll want to be free of any significant problems, but your spirits will be temporarily low; nevertheless, some of the ailments you’re receiving treatment for could cause you some discomfort if you haven’t been following your doctor’s instructions to a T.

Some might think that allergies are affecting their wellbeing, although what might be happening is that you’re suffering from asthma instead (this is a chronic illness that’s becoming more common by the day, with symptoms not unlike those caused by allergies).

Are you one of the lucky Scorpios that are fit as a fiddle? Then take advantage of this and donate blood, it will help those who need it. Promote your altruistic side.