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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 29

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Do you feel that your partner or friends don't take your feeling into account? Learn to ignore insolence, Scorpio. People sometimes don't think about the real meaning of the words that come out their mouth. 

Because there are different ways to express ideas, but it seems as though they always choose the most harmful alternative. They give free rein to supposed truths, poured into the world like tantrums. 

There are lots of annoyed adults with lack of self-control, Scorpio.

Be who you are, always considerate with the rest and scarce in words. Sometimes silence is the best ally in a conversation because it avoids unnecessary confrontations, you will experience this today. 

Don't refuse invitations from social circles outside your own and you will find people who will be just as respectful as you.

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Scorpios are interested in having money, but not because they want to boast about it or feel superior from the rest. You like giving yourself some whims, and for that, you need money. The good thing is that you work hard for that, you don't ever think of stealing anything from no one. 

There's nothing wrong in trying to make some extra money these days, even when you are on holidays. You'll find opportunities for this.

Let them reproach you whatever they want; everyone must take responsibility for their lives, do not be intimidated by people who feel envy, Scorpio.

Poverty is not an irremediable destiny, it is much more complex, and you know well what it is, you are probably someone who has come from below, and this is the attitude that has made you progress in life. You keep your excellent values.


The problems for Scorpio are basically hypertension and high cholesterol

It is advisable to check your blood pressure if you are younger than 40 years old, once every 4 or 5 years, but if you are over these years, you need a revision at least once every 2 years. And if you start looking after yourself a bit more in 2019?

You need to check your cholesterol levels if you haven't had them checked before. Even if you feel well, you need to have detailed information about the state of your health, because this is how you prevent diseases. 

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