Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



It is convenient for you to withdraw, at least momentarily, your attention from that person who has you so absorbed lately.

Do you want to know whether it's love or obsession? Then let them continue with their life and give yourself the opportunity to miss them. You'll even achieve the beneficial result of the other person being the one who comes after you, just for a change. 

Magic Horoscope recommends you to follow this technique from time to time and without doing it too often because you run the risk of the other person doing the same as you, and when you most need them, they might not be there. Be careful. 

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You're more than ready to start that project, but unfortunately, it seems that one of your colleagues will want to have that position too. It isn't a matter of impositions and that you take the position and that is it, you will have to prove what you are made of and fight for what you want.

Sharing leadership isn't the solution. This will hinder the work. Impose yourself and be the one who proves to be more capable. The reward for this movement will be respect from everyone at work and possible future promotion. The company needs more determined people like you.

If you don't have a job, your income is stable thanks to your good thriftiness and the fact that you don't waste money. This doesn't mean you have to stop looking for a job, but that you can do it feeling calm. 


Contacting your feelings today and communicating with them is a blessing. Use all that emotional power to improve your life, knowing very well from this state what you want in your life and what you don't.

A healthier lifestyle? New friends? Less time working? Whatever you want! Because you're going to get it!

If you have to cry to get it out of your chest, cry! Crying doesn't mean you're weak, but that you've been strong for a long time. You'll see life in color once you let it out.