Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The key today will be to not make any plans in love, this way you’ll be less stressed.

That feeling that everything needs to be planned ahead, that your future has already been planned, is something that blocks you, and thus, you’ll decide to live in the moment and allow yourself to be carried away. Who could dislike spontaneity?

If you want to take a break in love, the stars will allow you to do it, with the condition that it has to be a short one. You need to find your own place to reflect on your deepest desires.

Some Scorpios will notice their partner doesn’t show their hand too much, that they keep their cards close to their chest, and you’ll wish things were different in this respect.

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Today you’ll have the chance to prove your worth; you’ll have to give the best of yourself before other colleagues (who you shouldn’t see as rivals).

A meeting with old colleagues will open doors for you if you want to improve your position; tell them you’re looking for a new career opportunity, see what they can do for you.

Taking a step back will be beneficial for your finances, allowing you to look at things from a clearer perspective. Plus, you’re advancing towards financial success, where you’ll claim what’s rightfully yours.


Good luck will be on your side and you’ll be in a good mood. The moon has an influence on the way you relate to others, making your mind quite inquisitive.

You’ll enjoy a lighter atmosphere, where you’ll gain in mental wellbeing. The stress that had been hurting your back will vanish. And you’ll be able to sleep and rest better than you had of late.

A little piece of advice, avoid exaggerating your physical weaknesses, strengths and illnesses: you’re neither strong as an oak, nor weak as a kitten. Try to find your place in the world with as much objectivity as you can.