Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This day will be coloured brown, and this discourages you, because you intended to get to the weekend with really high spirits.

Oh, Scorpio, if only it were so easy to control our emotions the way you would like to!

At least you can rest easy knowing that the Magic Horoscope indicates people will leave you alone, they won’t meddle in your state of mind, nor will they try to force you to go out with them.

Your partner will quietly stay by your side, showing you that you have a shoulder to cry on whenever you need one, but without pushing you to open up.

With regards to your family, pay attention to your elders, they may be having some issues they haven’t told you about.

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You’ll get some news regarding an inheritance or a separation of goods, especially, if you had been waiting for it for weeks.

It can be seen on your stars, you’ll be well off after it; but, on the down side, others will envy your position..

At work try to be discrete and avoid arguments about religion or politics at all costs.

You’ll give the best of you at work, and your opinion is nobody’s business but your own.


Make the time to research new sports to practice.

Which one have you always been curious about, fencing perhaps? Or maybe table tennis? Develop your athletic side, there’s plenty of people who share your interests out there!

Jupiter is acting on your body and giving you water retention problems, so remember to drink one or two cups of diuretic tea, such as horsetail or green tea.

If you don’t like the way they taste, you can always mask it by adding a little something extra, maybe some herb you like. Do you prefer citrus, sweet flavours or maybe something spicy like ginger?