Scorpio Magic Horoscope 7
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll corroborate you have great friends, they’ll do important things for you in your love life without you even having to ask.

Thus, they might talk to your partner to explain some things that are making you unhappy and which you don’t have the courage to address. They just want to see you happy, and in a way, they’ll manage to make your other half open their eyes and take action.

If you’re single, there’s a chance they’ll organize a blind date for you. If that’s the case, say yes, you might have really interesting new experiences.

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You’re agile, plus, you’re blessed by your regent planet, Pluto, which grants you the gift of precise and efficient management, which will annihilate any financial hiccups.

You have great chances of earning good money. If you have a chance, go to antique markets, as you might find curious items at a reasonable price. The stars allow you to make good investments, enjoy it by closing deals.

Are you one of the Scorpios who has to go to work, as you don’t get to rest on Sundays? No worries. There’s good fortune for you too. You’ll face some aggressiveness around you, but you’ll shake it off like water off a duck’s back. You’ll know how to stop the situation before it snowballs. Your feet are firmly on the ground.


You’re not focused this Sunday, the week has dragged on a bit, and few people actually understand the weight you carry on your shoulders.

For this reason, you’ll struggle to finish what you started. If you empty your wardrobe to change seasonal clothes, be aware that half of it will stay out without being put away, as if you’d turned your room into a car boot sale.

Rather than starting several tasks at a time, take a break, or a relaxing bath with bath salts and colourful candles to help you relax and sort out your thoughts.