Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



No matter how much you want it, there are still some things to do so this works! Mental connection is very important and extremely appreciated by both of you, but the oven of passion still has to heat up...

Don't rush to reveal your desire to want "something more physical," and if you do, be gentle. Feel the terrain first. Are they ready since their last break-up to want to take the next step?

There's a powerful connection between you two, even though you haven't gone to bed together yet. Trust that energy and let it grow and expand in your heart, Scorpio. 

When the other part is ready, they will let you know. In the meantime, don't put pressure on them, no one likes feeling pressured and the truth is... there's no need to! Today can be a special day...

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There are a lot of ideas capturing your interest, beyond those you already had in your head. Look around and consider changing your roadmap. The fact that you show interest in other alternatives is your intuition wanting to tell you something.

In this period you'll receive good news regarding work. If you've been wanting to change your job because you don't like it, you'll be able to attract a more creative job. That possibility of change that you wish for will knock on your door!

In addition, the planetary aspects indicate that you will receive an economic impulse that will allow you to pay some late bills, which is good!


Too much tension in your everyday life wears you down and that is what doesn't allow you to rest properly, even though you sleep the 8 hours. Your body doesn't completely disconnect, because the mind remains anchored in all your concerns, Scorpio.

The Japanese technique to eliminate stress rises as an ancient healing mechanism. Its approach is based on "acupressure."

A very simple exercise that uses the hands or fingers is to exert moderate and concrete pressure in various areas of the palm of the hand, on the sole of the foot, and even in the auricle.

The thumb is the concern, the index finger the fears, the middle finger the rage, the ring finger the sadness, and the little finger the pretensions. You will feel an immediate relief!