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Your relationship is coming to an end and this is the worst part. You might not have invested much emotionally speaking, it might just be someone you're flirting with, but you know you cared about them more than you thought you would.

If you had shown more from your part, your romance would continue, and you would even be happy together. But instead of this, you preferred hiding behind a shell, and this has caused the opposite effect: getting away from that person. 

Luckily, life gives second opportunities, and if you don't meet this person again, you will meet that someone with who you shouldn't make the same mistakes, Scorpio.

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The crossroads accompany you throughout this day, in a small or large scale. From not knowing which coffee to choose from the machine to considering whether or not to go and speak to your boss.

If you don't trust yourself, you can't do anything significant.

So the answer is a big YES. Take risks and don't be left with wanting to do what you know you need for your development and until you don't take that step, you'll continue there, where you don't want to be.


Many hours sitting down can be bad for your health, Scorpio. Be careful because it could cause very painful for your legs. 

Not moving your legs for an extended period slows blood circulation down, and undoubtedly increases the likelihood of suffering vascular accidents such as thrombosis.

In addition, if you are old enough, being in the same position without switching to another one facilitates the appearance of varicose veins.

Make sure that you move every part of your legs from time to time, so there's nothing to be sorry about later.