Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You hurt your own feelings and then you blame the rest. Overreacting to any event doesn't make you a more sensitive person. 

On the contrary, you make the ball bigger and bigger, due to the excess of negative thoughts. Blaming yourself for what people do or don't do regarding you is the worst way of making your afternoon bitter. 

Think about why this happens to you... Did your parents use to lose control of your emotions? Don't repeat their pattern, they get you away of your inner wellbeing. 

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You'll get some information so you can use it in your favor sometime. The path will become clearer as you connect with the beings who protect you and guide you from other planes.

Money and fame aren't the most precious things in life. Money can disappear quickly. Understanding and love are your most valuable possessions.

If you understand the facts of reality, you won't have to feel fear for what can happen tomorrow. Prevention and being alert lead you to a future full of prosperity and tranquility, Scorpio.


If you recently came out of a surgical operation, it's normal that you still feel ailments. Don't despair, be patient. Each organism heals at a different rate.

However, if you want to accelerate the process of your recovery, a session of auriculotherapy may be the most appropriate in your case. This type of acupuncture on the ear, has the property of relieving pain, especially in areas related to the head.

This doesn't mean you have to neglect the treatments you were told to follow in hospital. Not at all. But you must focus 100% in the healing process.